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Becker cascade pro finnally fitted

mac1403 Jun 2, 2007

  1. mac1403

    mac1403 Member

    Well, after a couple of days of head scratching, plenty of emails to andymac (many thanks Andy) its finally fitted. i must admit it looks very OEM and the sound is fantastic compared to the std concert HU. Sat nav is fine, just got to work out how to do the callibration run. Radio required an Amplifier, wires needed swapping.........usual stuff!!
    The only down points are that although there are 15 different colours to choose from, none match the Audi red, so I have gone for the nearest i can get to the blue white of the dials, which i think looks ok. Also the facia adapter leaves quite a big gap on either side of the HU...which was a biach to fit in as the wiring was so close to the HU I had to try and feed them in as I pushed the HU into position. God knows how i am going to get it back out to fit the Ipod control when it comes.....all in all.....a very cool HU though with so many features the manual is 2" thick. Sorry about the **** pics!!



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