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Be Honest And Tell me If Ive Gone Mad!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'A3/S3 Forum (8L Chassis)' started by imported_vishal, Sep 8, 2005.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Hope your all well!!! I have a sliver2001, "Y" S3, with black leather, bose upgrade, and ali mirrors, with 18" RS4 reps on it, and its only covered 43,000 miles, with full history, and just had its major 40k service, that costed me a fortune!!! Now the thing is, i need to sell, and advertised the car for 13,750, with a view to let her go at 13,500, and the phone hasnt even rang once, advertised it for 3 weeks!!!!!!! its totally mint, and had an audi inspection before i bought her, the leather is in showroom condition, and i dont know what else to do!!!! On a serious note, am i asking too much here?? Ive checked all cars like her, and this seems to be a decent enough deal, and im based in london, and advice would be appreciated about where im going wrong!!!! By the way, havin a do at the Kensington Roof Gardens in a few weeks, be a pleasure if any of the london boys would like to make an appearance!!!!
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  3. Price sounds fine but the used car market is dead at the moment. If you want a quick sale, drop a little, if not be patient, I reckon someone will have it.

    Also depends where you've advertised it of course. AutoTrader is usually best.
  4. JamS3

    JamS3 Active Member

    Jun 17, 2003
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    Thats seems about right and reasonable at the minute....

    Possibly a bad time to sell with the summer holidays just coming to a end and the kids going back to school. Nobody has any money!
  5. madvw

    madvw Active Member

    Jul 26, 2005
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    no, your not mad, but you are unfortunately one of the few people who appreciate these cars and what they're worth.

    Give some people 14 grand and they'll think "ooh, new astra"...

    best advice, keep advertising.
  6. jojo

    jojo Looking for Boost!
    Staff Member Moderator Team Daytona quattro Audi S3 Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group

    Sep 4, 2003
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    Patience my friend, to be honest, there's a lot of used metal out there at the mo' with the new 55reg coming in, so lots of p/x'd cars up for sale, so probably bad time to sell, nevermind the lack of money that's about.
  7. fair price to me vishal - whats the do in the kensington roof gardens - ur party? (which means free entry) or a gig ur doing (which means we have to pay!)
  8. Thanks very much for all your advice guys, really appreciate it, i guess ur right, stick to my guns, and just wait for the right person to come along, with reference to the Roof Gardens, heres the deal. I have hired the back of the Club, and VIP area for my guests only, its free VIP entry, and free valet parking. In an ideal world, u guys should really bring a female parnter to keep the levels good, but im sure a few single fellas wont be a problem, i also have some limited drinks vouchers, so get there before i use them all!!! Any further info, please feel free to PM me!! And once again, many thanks for the advice!
  9. dickys3

    dickys3 Moderator
    Staff Member Moderator

    Oct 13, 2003
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    What sort of party is it Vishal?
  10. Its a Proper party, in a proper venue, for further info please have a look at www.roofgardens.com lovely venue, and the eye candy there is divine!!!
  11. Back to the topic briefly!! Ive just checked on Parkers for the value on my car, and its says £12750 for private sale in good condition /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/shocked.gif

    I dont know what to do, you guys still think the price im asking is fair??
  12. Parkers is only a guide - but buyers will use that when checking prices. I reckon you will have to go below £13k I'm afraid.
  13. Also as Fuel Prices are going through the roof, 1st floor + loft atm, people may not be looking to buy something that drinks fuel /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif

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