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BDM Wheel Alignments

Discussion in 'Backdraft Motorsport' started by Backdraft Motorsport, Feb 15, 2012.

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    Are you considering upgrading suspension, ARB's, bushes etc? Or are you simply annoyed that your steering wheel isn’t straight and cant understand why you are going through tyres like no tomorrow?

    As suppliers of great brands like Super Pro, Powerflex, AST, Eibach, H&R and KW, BDM are ideally suited to offer full installation and set-up of suspension upgrades, polyurethane bush upgrades, ARB upgrades, and many other alignment and geometry parts. All these uprated parts offer increased durability, massively improved handling and greater adjustability to get the very best from your cars set-up.

    Why align?

    For performance modified cars a geomoetry set-up can make the difference between a good handling car and a great one. With the correct geometry and set-up handling can be drastically improved making the car great fun on the short a twisties. However it's also very important to keep on top of the wheel alignment on your car, whether that be a standard car or a modified one. Think about the condition of some of today’s roads – those pot holes and kerbs can easily ‘knock out’ the alignment of your wheels. This causes excessive tyre wear, increased fuel consumption, increased wear and can spoil the pleasure of your driving experience. It’s a false economy to continue replacing expensive tyres when your alignment is incorrect – the price of an annual alignment check is much more cost effective. We all want to save money these days and ultimately a car with a poorly setup wheel alignment costs you money!

    Get the precision and pleasure back into your drive – a well aligned car handles and tracks much more smoothly and accurately, is more fun, more efficient and safer.

    The equipment

    Here at BDM we use the state of the art Hunter 3D digital alignment table, checking and adjusting camber, castor and toe. This system has information and specs for a huge range of cars and is so much more than you average 'tracking' adjustment. All customers receive before and after print out displaying the adjustments made.

    Our prices start from as little as £65 + vat for a standard front toe alignment and you will always be treated with friendly service.

    Click here to see more information about our standard alignments on our website, or contact us via phone or email to discuss upgrading various suspension and alignment parts on 01908 648081 or info@backdraftmotorsport.com

    A quick tease of a small selection of cars we have set-up and aligned


    This stunning R8 was tuned by BDM for fast road and track!


    This Bentley was in for a standard alignment correction

    Full race and track geometry set-ups available including corner weighting for ultimate handling

    A lesson in alignments (photo taken from our open day held for Porsche post magazine). All customers get a before and after print out explaining the adjustments made.

    This F430 was lowered. After any suspension and steering parts are replaced or altered it is advisable to re align the car.​
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