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BDM Parts Clearance

Discussion in 'Backdraft Motorsport' started by Backdraft Motorsport, Dec 14, 2012.

  1. Backdraft Motorsport

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    Sep 19, 2007
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    BDM parts clearance. A mixture of new and used parts. Parts are in good working order but have no warranty. If you see anything you're interested in please PM us for more details. I'll try and keep this as up to date as possible, as and when parts become available.

    2.0TFSi A3/S3/TT
    S3 A pillar air bags (left & right)
    S3 centre console heater switch
    K04 std turbo intake pipe (x2)
    K04 std rods and pistons (x2 sets)
    K03 std rods (x1 set)
    K03 std rods and pistons (x1 set)
    K03 std turbo intake pipe
    K03 turbo charger (x2) (nearly new)
    K03 injectors (x4 sets)
    Satalite Navigation RNSE
    Manual std flywheel (nearly new)
    DSG std flywheel (new)
    Standard engine cover (x2)

    1.8T A3/S3/TT
    H&R 4WD rear ARB
    Std front anti roll bar (1J0 411 305 AE)
    Std Indicator stalk
    EBC grooved and dimpled discs (new)
    5 speed sigma short shift (new)

    A4 B6 Chassis
    Pipercross filter (new in box)

    Seat Ibiza Mk III
    Pasenger air bag

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