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BBS LM Alloys 18" Feeler..

johal87 Jul 16, 2009

  1. johal87

    johal87 Member

    Just a feeler, i brought a car, and these wheels come with it, there not really to my taste, but they do look good on the car, im just used to a more simple alloy such as 5 arm s line etc...

    they are reps, but they are very good reps, and they are the type which have the dish, so its a very close copy of the real thing, with studs etc.. im not sure on the ET etc, but if anybody if genuine, il get one off and have a good look, and they are a very good fit against the car, il get some pictures up in a little while, while they are on my 2.0 tdi sport

    there is some very minor kurbing, but no silly chunks missing lol

    they will come with part worn tyres, cheapest price i can find is £760 without tyres

    im asking £675 with the tyres 225/40/18

    and i may be able to take you old wheels towards the cost of them? if any one is intrested just let me know which style you have.. also im not too fussed on tyres as i have 3 spare part worns
  2. johal87

    johal87 Member

    Last edited: Jul 16, 2009
  3. Mikey170

    Mikey170 Member

    messaged you mate.

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