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BBS CH replicas ...

motfree Dec 30, 2010

  1. motfree

    motfree Member

    Want some new alloys ..
    Came accross some bbs ch in like a Matt black on eBay with a red lip ..
    Just wondering if anyone had these or had a photo of these on a black s3 as I'm unsure weither to get them ..
    Seem a bargin at £400 though
    If anyone has any ideas please let me know - weather it be different colour or different wheels ..

    Cheers peeps
  2. S3 Paul

    S3 Paul Well-Known Member Regional Rep

    I looked at the staggered CH reps.
    But couldnt convince myself i would be happy in the long run with reps
    A bargin at that money though, I have seen a black mk5 gti golf with them on and it looked great
  3. motfree

    motfree Member

    Yer but genuine are £1200 plus these don't look all that different ..
    Was thinking red lip to match red brembos ;-)
    Would try and Photoshop it but am hopeless with computers haha
    Wasn't sure weather silver wheels would look better ( black wheels might be too much ) but then again stealth :-0 haha
  4. DJ_Troopa

    DJ_Troopa K1 Driver

    I'm running CH reps. Taken them off for winter now though and got my S3 wheels on in matt black.

    I can't fault the reps at all, no problems here.

    Just don't buy from Reeva wheels on Ebay because they're nobs. :)

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