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Battling with a blow-off sound

turboSteve Nov 22, 2013

  1. turboSteve

    turboSteve New Member

    Hi all. I'm in South Africa and recently bought an early 2008 S3. The car has a 76mm downpipe, the HPFP tensioner mod and Revo 2+ software.

    When I bought the car the sound was not present. After a few weeks it started. When I change at about 3000rpm it makes a sound like a slight dump, but more like a squirt. Is this an issue? I think it is because I think the car should be pulling a lot better on boost.

    In the hope of a quick fix I changed the DV to the piston-type upgrade. No change. Removed the engine cover and saw no obvious issues.

    Please share any similar experiences or tips.


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