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    THE MONSTER Member

    I have a Bosch Silver S3 70AH on my Audi 1997 1.8t Sport..
    I bought it in 2009 form GSF with a 4 years Guarantee..

    I have had a problem with leaving it Alarmed in my Garage for 3 days onwards
    the battery is almost flat.

    I thought I would get the Guarantee out and give GSF a ring..

    I gave the guy there the info and details of the Guarantee
    he asked me what car is it I told him and he said that's it then Audi A4's are notorious for a flat battery having left the Alarm on for several days..

    He also said he had a Passat with the same problem.
    Now not wanting to be fobbed off with that excuse I told him I used to have a VW Battery on it and I used to go abroad and leave it for 2 weeks at the Airport carpark at least twice a year and had no problem at all when I returned to start the car having left it Alarmed..

    Anyway he told me to bring it in and said it must be fully charged for him to check it with(I qoute)gear worth a £1000 to check all batteries with he said if it fails that test he will replace the battery..

    I had little faith in the knowledge of this guy when he said you will have to put it on charge for at least 24 hours and bring it in..I said I lived 10 miles away and with the Alternator they use now should bring the battery up to charge in no time he disagreed with this saying you could drive 200 miles it would still not fully charge the Battery..Strange statement I thought..

    Any thoughts..???
    Last edited: Apr 21, 2011
  2. Mike B

    Mike B Well-Known Member

    Is it totally flat?Perhaps it was getting low when you garaged it and that took the rest of the charge.I would consider fully charging it and seeing if happened again cos it shouldnt with this quality battery .Is there any other possiblereason to lose charge?I agree that it would take alot to recharge a battery of this capacity.I always feel happier with a spare battery and luckily the local scrapper does good ones for about £15
  3. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Moderator

    Yes agree, more likely something draining it than the battery at fault. Use a multimeter set on amps and disconnect the earth and link the meter between the earth lead and the earth on the battery and see what the drain is with the car alarmed. DO NOT switch anything on as the meter won't like it.
    If the drain is more than about 100mA then start pulling fuses and see what is causing it.

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