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Battery sign/ brake sign/ abs light on??

Aaron1.8t Nov 12, 2013

  1. Aaron1.8t

    Aaron1.8t Member

    Hi guys..
    1.8t has been parked up for 3 days... Started it and after 10 mins the brake sign came up on dash in red and so did the abs light with three beeps... Then the yellow battery sumbol appeared too... Car still drives fine but have also noticed the all dials stopped working!? Lights still work.. Car still starts abd drives fine but these things keep appearing and all dials dont work!

    now do i need a new battery or alternator? Battery is a tad small so cud be battery? Anyone else had this problem?


    ps started it again today and same problems.. But still starts and drives fine.
  2. Aaron1.8t

    Aaron1.8t Member

    Okaay guys its still doin this.. Dials only work when drving like 5-10 mph anythn over that they stop working..
    Yellow battery symbol keeps appearing on display along with brake warning and abs light is on too... Yet the car starts
    and drives absolutly fine!!??

    any help? Maybe bad earth?
  3. Aaron1.8t

    Aaron1.8t Member

    Okay further update... Jus took it for a drive to mates... Was doin the same... Parked it up for 2 hours..
    drove it home n everything seems fine now.. Battery symbol brake symbol n abs lights now gone off n dials are working..
    so my guess is a bad earth triggering this elec fault????
  4. Westy

    Westy Well-Known Member

    Alternator could be on its way out. Mine started off with the battery light (which means the batteries charge is low) then 1 day the car wouldn't start. I jumped it and got it home but on the way home the ESP light came on and the general performance of the car was shocking. I had misfires too and when I scanned the car with VCDS there was cam timing errors and all sorts! All issues went when I fitted a brand new alternator.

    If you do a search for my thread (will have alternator in the title) there's a YouTube video in there that shows you how to check the alternator is healthy.
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