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Battery removal. Prob with 1 bolt/clamp.

qawsed Apr 7, 2010

  1. qawsed

    qawsed Member

    2003 18T (163).
    I have read that batt removal on this is a pig.But i need to remove.
    I can get the batt to slide side to side but it will not pull out.I can see one more bolt/clamp at the bottom of the batt at the front.This looks to be a allan bolt????.
    I can not get to the bolt to try the size.What size and what type of wrench would you need to get to that one.What a pig!
  2. 1wheelonly

    1wheelonly cabriolet VCDS Map User

    cant remember it being a allan bolt but it was a while ago, youd need and ratchet extension, im guessing if it is allan bolt it would be about a number 8
  3. Mike B

    Mike B Well-Known Member

    There is one allen bolt at the front and its fairly easy if you have help to wiggle the battery whilst removing and replacing .Seems that the clamp is loose if the battery moves so hope the bolt isnt stuck
  4. John C

    John C Member

    Hi qawsed

    I had my wifes battery off her A4 yesterday to clear the drainholes in the bottom of the plenium chamber to let the retained water run out. If you take the (hose like part) thats clipped to the top of the divider between the plenium chamber & the engine bay & just pull it out of the way - you can just get to the clamping screw which is alan headed and approx 8mm. I used a 1/2" socket drive with the alan 'bit' in it that fits in my impact driver head with a socket extension. My Alan key - which is quite long - still but too short to reach.

    The battery will lift out but (with the hose thing pulled to one side; & the trim that covers the pollen filter / climate control removed) but it is a bit of a wiggle and is heady to lift as you can't really get above it.

    Good luck with removing it.


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