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Battery issue... help?

ashwilson Jul 15, 2013

  1. ashwilson

    ashwilson New Member


    The other day i went into my car to fire her up and the battery was pretty much 'dead'.. I put my foot on the gas while turning key and it started.. I now have to do this all the time.

    The thing i dont get is the battery light doesn't flash with the warning and all my eletrics like windows are working fine so it isn't low on power?

    I've recently changed my sparkplugs.. just wondering is there anyway a coil could of been put in wrong or something making it to do this lol.

    (yes im clueless with cars:-()

  2. Squirrelofdoom

    Squirrelofdoom Member

    Hi mate,

    I had a similar issue and for me it was the head unit being wired in wrong, draining the battery the whole time. Something common on these is the boot lights staying on even when the boot is closed, thus draining the battery - give that a check.

    Otherwise, do you have a multimeter to check the current being drawn from the battery while the car is off?
  3. ashwilson

    ashwilson New Member

    Hey bud, cheers for the reply.

    Boot lights arnt on, ive checked that already... cd player seems ok although i did rewire it so the standard sub worked, been fine for a month until the other day.

    Dont have a multimeter im afraid =[
  4. Alex C

    Alex C Well-Known Member VCDS Map User Audi S3

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