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Battery drains out in a day.

mashoud Nov 11, 2004

  1. mashoud

    mashoud New Member

    Have 1993 Audi 100 Csi quattro..which is also the A6.
    Problem is with the Automatic windows and sunroof. As you may know, they are supposed to close automatically after a certain time when left open and car parked.However, in my case, even when windows are closed and the car is parked in the garage,apparently the signal is continually sent to close the windows and the sunroof and this drains the battery down overnight.
    Is anyone experienced enough to tell me what is going on and what is the remedy.?
    There is this faint noise that emanates from the driver side ,near the left foot. Please help if possible. There are no Audi dealers close by.
  2. daves

    daves New Member

    Could be a faulty relay/micro switch?
    what controls the time? as above may-be?

    Sorry i cant help much.

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