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Battery drain. Pulling fuse`s help/advice needed.

qawsed Jan 29, 2010

  1. qawsed

    qawsed Member

    Ok,Keep getting a flat battery.And AA said its a draw not the bat.
    I have been told to put a meter on the bat and pull fuses till the draw drops or goes.
    Here is my problem.I understand it takes the car several minites to "shut down".
    If the drivers door is open to get access to the fuse box (A4 2003) how can it shut down,The central locking will be in use and the interior light will be active even if i turn the light off.
    What is the correct way to do the fuse pull test.
    Also rather that use a meter on the bat i have just seen a device in maplins you plug into the fuse socket and it displays the volts/amps.Again the door will have to be open to gain access to the fuse box.
  2. singhl

    singhl Member

    Sorry cannot help with the actual nitty gritty of shutting the car down - but my guess woujld be it is the radio/stereo, not turning off, had same problem on my 2005 A6 C6, had to do a software update of the car's MMI software which fixed the bug. Try searching for A4 technical service bulletins for battery low and or drain. Good luck.
  3. qawsed

    qawsed Member

    Not the radio for sure.I was told that a certain batch of radios wre to blame for drains but i pulled the fuse a while back and it still went flat .i will try the tech bulletins.Thanks.

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