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Battery Drain on 8L S3 after new Head Unit Installed

beanoir Feb 18, 2012

  1. beanoir

    beanoir Large Member

    Ok, i've had a search but not really found too much, so thought i'd ask the question.

    Ive got a parasitic drain on my battery and this morning it was as dead as a black gospel singer with a crack addiction. Had the RAC dude out to juice it (as I couldn't get it up on the drive by pushing) and he tested the battery and the alternator and he said it's charging fine but that something is draining about 0.5amps from the battery when the ignition is off which is way too much (should be about 0.05amps).

    I've checked all the bits i've found from searching, boot light staying on, glovebox light etc etc. The only thing I can think of is the new head unit i've installed, but i've got the live feeds correct as far as I can see, so i'm kind of at a loss - unsure if the amp has any funny connections I should be aware of that might mean it's not turning off (although i've got it connected to the remote). The battery is charging overnight so I can start testing all the circuits one by one with a multimeter tomorrow.

    So if anybody has any pointers before I trial and error then i'd be grateful!

  2. slappy

    slappy Member

    What stereo did you install?

    How many live feeds?

    You should only have one live feed for memory and one switched live (ignition live) which is usually fed from the fuse box.
  3. beanoir

    beanoir Large Member

    I installed a Parrot Asteroid.

    Thats exactly what i've got, I ran a switched live to the fuse box and used the memory/permanent live from the existing stereo connector. The amp is using a switched live from the head unit....

  4. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Moderator

    Have you used an antenna amp adapter and is that wired correctly to the power antenna feed on the HU?
    If the amps are switched with the remote on then it can't be them so must be HU related.
  5. beanoir

    beanoir Large Member

    They were my first 2 thoughts actually Andy, and so during my spent removing all the fuese and checking current draw with a mulitmeter, I narrowed it down to the headunit, I then disconnected both the amp (pulled the multiplug to the sub box in the boot) and the aerial amp and still the HU was pulling nearly half an amp.

    So, I can only assume that there must be a fault in the HU itself, which is rare in my experience but I guess it's possible...

    I'll have to remove it all and send it back under warranty.

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