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Bailey DV26

tompearson Jul 20, 2011

  1. tompearson

    tompearson It's all in bits

    Bailey dump valve and cold side fitting kit.
    Very whoossh tissssh.

    • Silver DV26
    • Blue silicon.
    • 2 bungs for OEM pipework.
    • A metal T for the throttle body pipe.
    • Clips.
    • Clear length of boost hose (in case you want to run from the tip rather than under the inlet mani)
    • An OEM TB to intercooler hose cut to fit the T (left handed mani).

    Looking for £50 plus your TB to intercooler hose.
    All in used condition.
    Either collected or postage can be arranged at cost.
  2. lnewland

    lnewland Member

    Pm sent

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