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Badger 5 With or Without billet adaptor?

danderton Feb 24, 2013

  1. danderton

    danderton Member

    Finally getting round to ordering my badger5 tip - looking at the different kits available is it worth getting the kit with the billet adaptor?

    Judging from the eBay shop it looks like £50 difference? Is it worth the

    If so i am looking at getting the heat shield and cone kit which comes without? Can you purchase this as an extra?

    Finally whats people preference the JR or BMC? Was thinking of putting all my hoses red so the BMC matches however id prefer the better cone.

    Cheers All
  2. Gops

    Gops Badger 5 Edition VCDS Map User Gold Supporter Audi S3

    Hi mate. I've got the b5 with the billet. In short it's for better flow so very much worth getting! As for the filter it's entirely up to you. People seem to get a s2000 filter in red, only £20 or so. Heat shield is worth it IMHO. Great bit of kit!
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