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Badger 5 TIP V3

Tooks Feb 27, 2013

  1. Tooks

    Tooks Active Member

    Just purchased and fitted one of these TIP's, fast service from Bill, many thanks.

    Ive kept my standard air box and filter, didn't fancy the extra noise! My old original TIP was tired though and looking a bit sorry for itself, so thought why not. Fitting was straightforward, the supplied clips are good quality, and I had to do a minimal amount of trimming to ensure a good fit to the MAF end and I shortened some of the other pipes as per instructions to make the fit tidier.

    Anyway, I've now had time to run it for a longish trip and do some logs. I'm not an expert on VCDS, but prior to fitting the TIP I was getting 190 g/s or approx 238bhp (AMK S3 210, Mild Map) and after saw a peak of 199 g/s or approx 249bhp.

    I can't verify it, but it also feels a bit livelier at the top end as well as more 'effortless' on part throttle.

    Overall, very pleased, and it's good to find something you can bolt on that has an immediate benefit.

    I know we're all Bill fans on here anyway, but can highly recommend these V3's. My brother has the full V2.2 induction kit on his Leon FR, but it was just a bit noisy for me although you get more gains with the whole kit I'm sure.
  2. badger5

    badger5 www.badger5.co.uk Site Sponsor

  3. PiranhaMan

    PiranhaMan Member

    good to hear... will be getting myself the full kit in the not too distant future
  4. ToonRing-G

    ToonRing-G Audi Virgin

    got the full v3 kit recently myself, still needing to remove it and trim it and re-fit to be 100% happy with it, but aside from that im totally pleased with it, money well spent!

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