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Bad vibrations/whiring..

jimbooboo Jan 30, 2014

  1. jimbooboo

    jimbooboo Member

    Hi all,

    Had this issue a while now and took it to the mechanics early January but they didn't fix it and just bodged loads of other stuff. (you have probably seen the other thread)

    It occurs mainly at higher speed speed and when there is a very slight turn to the right..

    here is a video of the noise (might wanna turn your speakers up)

    trim47C31B6C-0BE0-42B6-8553-A26E0469C491_zps130db580.mp4 Video by jameslouiz | Photobucket

    The passenger side wheel bearing has been replaced but the problem still remains..

    Please help :(

    Cheers, James
  2. A4_MaJiK

    A4_MaJiK Azeem

    If it occurs when loading the left (i.e. turning right) then it could well be the front left wheel bearing as mine was last year. But as you've said you've replaced the left side. Although having said that mine was changed under warranty before but went again within a year as the housing wasn't changed and caused premature wear on the bearing.
  3. Mike_B

    Mike_B Active Member

    Well, logic says that the right turn loads the left hand side which should therefore be the culprit. But, having had a bearing problem last year I can tell you that despite a test drive with the head mech of a garage I trust, we couldn't accurately identify the problem side. Spinning the wheel unloaded didn't give any clues either. Replacing the left one fixed it.

    Irritatingly, that bearing failed just outside warranty and had to be replaced again. This time, it was obvious which side was dodgy both on driving the car and spinning the wheel with the thing jacked up. The mech did comment that bearings could often be devilishly difficult to diagnose.

    So, maybe, just maybe, it's the driver's side one? I read your previous thread - I guess it's got to be worth trying a different garage, for a possible diagnosis if nothing else. Then again, did they do the job properly? I watched mine being done last time, and while not difficult, it did require a press and without it I wonder if the bearing would be seated properly?

    The only other thing to maybe try would be changing the wheels around, just in case there's a tire problem? I've had that experience too.
  4. jimbooboo

    jimbooboo Member

    Yeah I was a bit annoyed when changing the front left wheel bearing didn't fix it. I don't see how it can be the rear left as the noise comes as soon as there is the slightest bit of right turn.

    What else COULD it be besides wheel bearings?

    Driveshafts? CV Joints? Brakes? :/

    Cheers, James

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