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Bad news on the Dead Pedal Front

Lenaldo Sep 26, 2006

  1. Lenaldo

    Lenaldo Member

    Further to reading about peoples enquiries about alloy dead pedals to match those in the GTI, i popped into the local dealers today and had a gander at the 2 TT's they've got in as demo's.

    Neither the manual nor DSG had an alloy dead pedal - merely plastic. So it seems that the TT microsite showing one must have been a pre-production / prototype.

    The search continues.

    Oh, and with respect to my post last night on ETKA, i'd like to apologise to one and all - i wasn't sure about the site's policy / feelings on matters like that so please don't think i'm a toerag on the quiet!

    Edited to say - just looked at the S-Line pack on the new TT and the dead pedal is back! Have to wait till one hits the showroom i guess!
  2. marriedblonde

    marriedblonde Active Member

    No worries matey it's quite a relaxed and easy going forum.

    For ref there are a set of the forum rules available to one and all... Goto the main page, left hand side is a load of quick links and the rules are linked in there.


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