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Back washer not working.....leaking hose in rear quarter???

Craigybaby37_A3quattro Jan 17, 2008

  1. My rear washer aint worked for a long time now so i brought a repair kit from vagparts.com and fitted it with no luck. It stopped working shortly after i got the car and it was just a simple blockage which i cleared with an airline.

    However this time round i disconnected the pipe that takes the water to the wiper motor and disconnected it from the front aswell and when you blow an airline through it nothing comes out either end there is just a loud blowing noise ariund the rear quater area on the passenger side as if a pipe has come off??? I took the cover off in the boot where my cd changer is and the noise gets louder.

    Has anyone had this problem an if so do you have any advice for me before i start taking the inside of the car to bits???

    thanks craig
  2. bouncer--daz

    bouncer--daz A dog is for life....not just for friday nights!

    If you so a search alot of people have had this problem... inlcuding myself but I havnt got round too fixing it yet. Let me know how u get on
  3. abdus

    abdus Top Gear VCDS Map User

  4. thanks poeple ive read through a few prevous threadas now an it seems to be a commen problem.....o well this will give me somthing to do over the weekend u guess.
  5. jonS3

    jonS3 Member

    i had this problem, its the connection under the sub
  6. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Moderator

    Yep as jonS3 says it is also common for the tubing to fail over the rear wheelarch. Check right down behind the rear lights in front of the sub, stuff some kitchen roll down there and then retrieve it. If it's soaking wet then you need to remove the boot trim, remove the sub and repair the split. Your central locking pump and alarm siren is right down there as well, so if it's flooded then you need to dry it out pronto.

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