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Back in the S3, and loving it!

vishal Jul 18, 2006

  1. vishal

    vishal Member

    Hi All,

    Well after a few months of trawling around the web, i finally found what i was after in the welsh mountains over the weekend, and boy am i glad to be back in a Audi S3!! The drive back down the mountains was amazing!

    Ill get some pics up as soon as possible, have a quick question for you guys, my passenger mirror seems to be magnified somewhat, making cars look closer than they actually are, and is defo an Audi mirror, as it has the blue tint etc,,, Called Audi this morning, and they wante 26 quid for a new mirror!

    Anyone else have the same thing?? Just curious, as the previous 2 S3's i had never seemed to have this, and also a weird option i can across, was a double cup holder in the armrest!
  2. madvw

    madvw Active Member

    I remember going on holiday in Wales when I had my Mk2 GTi...

    Some of the best roads i've ever driven on are in Wales. You could see for miles, and absolutely hammer the corners.

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