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Back in a S3 - Planning Nurburgring trip

Idrees Jan 4, 2013

  1. Idrees

    Idrees Member

    Hi guys

    Some of you may remember me from around a year ago. I had a 2003 Nogaro Blue S3. I spent most of the last year driving a 2006 BMW 530D M Sport, I've been itching for another S3 since selling mine so bought one another just a few days after selling the BM.

    I now have another 2003 in Purple with a few upgrades including FMIC, Forge recirc valve, TSR 'Stage 1' remap, H&R springs and upgraded discs/pads. Now I know she's no track animal, but I'm planning on a trip to the ring some time very soon. I'd love to take my Glanza as that was actually built for the trac but she's nowhere near ready so that's no option.

    If you were to do a few upgrades before going on track, what would they be and why? This car is still going to be my daily so I'm keeping the interior in.

    So far I'm thinking:
    - Poly 'dog bone' bush
    - Poly ARB bushes or OEM replacements. I've heard they tend to wear a lot so I'll inspect them first.
    - Major service consisting of oil & filter, air filter, fuel filter, gearbox fluid, coolant flush, Haldex oil change.
    - A set of spare wheels with decent tyres (if funds permit).

    If I'm wrong on those please let me know. :D

    Last edited: Jan 4, 2013

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