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Back from skiing in the alps (poor audi owner)

thebambam Jan 27, 2013

  1. thebambam

    thebambam P.I.M.P

    Hey guys and girls im back after skiing in the alps for 2 weeks compliments from the military.

    Thought id mention something funny but also sad at the same time which happened. We Returned to our coach to find police and fire brigade everywhere which I thought was unusual as it was -15 and no buildings about other then cars. Well Some noddy left a little gas burner/stove in the car park (ON!) and forgot to pack it away (alot of touring people on skiis there) and well this poor audi a3 fairly new had driven over it to park... safe to say it burned through underneath with fire service saying there was alot of damage to engine compartment....

    BUGGER to the owner (who still hadnt turned up )

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