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Back from Bodyshop.

PhilMill63 Jan 26, 2013

  1. PhilMill63

    PhilMill63 Member

    Well I got the car back last night, it was in Sewards Bodyshop after the nice man ran in the back of me.. All i can say is dont use them! first problem, the bumper isn't lined up on one side, the gap gets bigger from the light cluster all the way to the wheel, I reckon about a 4mm gap at the wheel, then the paint is orange peel and has some dirt in it plus the inside of the boot looks like they had used it as a dustbin. Then this morning due to the rain last night I put the wipers on and they sounded like they were wiping sand paper! so I guess the car is covered in over spray. All I can say is i'm well p@@@ed off. I refused to sign the satisfaction note and they are taking back to do the bumper alignment but dont want to do anything else. So now the fight starts.... The only good news is the colour match is perfect.
  2. southylad

    southylad Active Member

    this is **** mate i had the side of my old passat done by a local bodyshop three times last year before it was anywhere near acceptable there were bits in laquer runs in laquer color nowhere nere orange peel i was well pissed
  3. Steve220

    Steve220 Member

    Saving grace is that it maybe fixable. Orange peel could be flatted and machine polished, the over spray will come off with a good claying. The bumper, that maybe a DIY job, not sure how easy Audi bumpers are to get off :-\
  4. gruf

    gruf Member

    im a fussy mucker,
    if the colour is a perfect match bang on, if its a matter of giving it a good polish with a claybar and tinkering with the bumper i would have a tinker myself rather than send it back because to tell the truth something will go wrong...if your lucks as good as mine.
    the hard part is getting the paint right, if thats bang on for you then i would keep well clear for the price of a copuple of hours of tinkering on a sunday.

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