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Back Again !

stoakseya4 Jan 20, 2008

  1. stoakseya4

    stoakseya4 Active Member

    Been off line for a while having moved into the house that StoakseyA4 built!

    Anyway, same old story - time to sell the S4 - it's definite this time though, lol !!

    Will be sproosed up shortly and advertised. Once that is, I've decided what I want! "oh no not again!" I hear you cry... Fraid so.

    So, it's now between a Bimmer 335 coupe and a 996 C2 (3.6). I hve another choice but it's not due out for a while so may be out of the running, as that's the new Renault Laguna (!!!) Coupe, in either 350z petrol engine-guise or their new 3.0tdi... One front left field I admit, but the photos of it in AutoCar, Evo, AutoExpress etc etc are stunning, especially in white.

    So if anyone has suggestions/comments (other than please don't keep wasting my time...!) I'd like to hear them. The Bimmer does have in it's favour it's slightly larger and slightly more practical, and as it has twin turbos will be chippable up to c370bhp and therefore RS4/M3 quick...
  2. colemanlee76

    colemanlee76 Suspicious

    Well im sure you know as well as I do, Renault's lose a hell of a lot of money but if its got the 350z engine maybe it'll hold more of it value for longer (just look at the Nissan 350z) End of the day its whats gonna be more practical. If thats not an issue go for the 996, Beemers are more common on our roads than Mondeos these days although they do make a pretty solid car.

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