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Back again

Discussion in 'The Welcome Section' started by dan1973, Mar 8, 2013.

  1. dan1973

    dan1973 OCD clean

    Oct 5, 2009
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    Been away for a while as I've had some serious health problems but luckily I've managed to overcome them. Fingers crossed they stay away now. Anyway I've bought my self a cheap Audi a3 sport 1.8t which I intend to try and bring back too it's former glory. I will start a build thread in the next few days.
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  3. Sandra

    Sandra MODERATOR
    Staff Member Administrator Moderator TeamMisano TFSI Owners Group Gold Supporter quattro Audi S3 s tronic

    Sep 12, 2010
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    Hi Dan, welcome back. Nice to hear that your back to good health. Head over to the A3 section/project room. Lots of useful info in both. Enjoy. :) x

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