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Baby Polar Bear

Hairy Ballbag Apr 3, 2007


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  1. Hairy Ballbag

    Hairy Ballbag Member

    Baby Polar Bear walks up to mummy Polar bear one morning and asks her, "Mummy, am I really a Polar Bear?"

    Mum replies, "Yes! I'm a Polar Bear, so is your dad. You are a Polar Bear."

    "OK" he replied and walked off.

    Next morning, baby Polar Bear walks up to daddy Polar Bear and asks him, "Daddy, am I a Polar Bear?"

    Dad replies, "Yes, we're all Polar Bears, me, your mum, your brothers and sisters... so that must make you one too."

    "OK" he replied and walked off.

    Next, he goes to Grandad Polar Bear... "Grandad, am I a Polar Bear?"

    Grandad says, "Why do you keep asking that? Your Mum said you are, your Dad said you are and I say you are... why do you keep asking if you're a Polar Bear?"

    "Well, it's just... I'm f*ckin' freezing!"

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