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B8 oil pump issues?

gareth2689 Jan 17, 2014

  1. gareth2689

    gareth2689 New Member

    After reading some threads on forums I see that the early B8's (2008 - sept 2009 I think) still have issues with the balancer shaft and hex key for the oil pump.

    Has anyone here with an early B8 had any issues with this yet or has anyone replaced it as a precautionary measure?

    I have a 2008 A4 2.tdi SE with 120k on clock so am slightly worried about this.

  2. rum4mo

    rum4mo Well-Known Member

    I know nothing about these engines other than what I've read and heard, but, I believe VAG stopped supporting some of these engine variants, but luckily for you, I've read that there is a engineering company in Ireland somewhere that makes replacement parts which stick to the original design but remove some of the design flaws. A friend, who is a long term Audi TDI buyer, had an A6 which "lost" its oil pump, Audi dealer did not agree that there was any issues with these engines, and he was just unlucky - "oh, and your AIR CON pump is very badly corroded, so that needs replaced as well!" From then on terrible engine vibration which sounded to me like a balancer shaft not timed correctly - "lucky you brought it back as something else is now wrong" - he needs his car so paid up and went to look at M-B, I mentioned something like "out of frying pan into fire" which he might have taken on board as he now has a newer A6 TDI - though, I was going down the lines of, "if you buy an Audi, then you should buy one with an Audi engine and not a VW one" - he stuck with the 2.0TDI VW engine though.
  3. hollows wife

    hollows wife Well-Known Member

  4. gareth2689

    gareth2689 New Member

    Thanks for the replies

    Hollow did u do the work yourself? Is it hard to replace the balance shaft and hex key? Can you just remove the sump and do it from the bottom?

    I have found a place in England called kmb parts that do a upgraded version of the shaft and key that fit better.
  5. Macdoon

    Macdoon Well-Known Member Team Ibis TFSI Owners Group Gold Supporter Audi A4 S-line owners group

    I did mine on my B7 2.0l tdi 170 (57), got the the parts KMB Sheffield, great service
    here's the difference in hex keys
    Post #982
  6. Paul B7

    Paul B7 Active Member

    The oil pump balance shaft issues that commenced with the 20005 BLB engine coded B7 models have gradually been getting less frequent as Audi have worked through the design.That said you are correct that the problem to a less frequent extent has been reported in the B8 models introduced in 2008. As of today my knowledge ( and I have been tracking the problem for some years now) is that cars from late 2010 have the problem resolved.
    Sure has taken Audi a LONG , LONG time to sort out all the design flaws with the 2.0tdi unit...........................

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