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B8 1.8t S-Line rear bumper/valance & milltek exhaust upgrade

a5h Aug 19, 2010

  1. a5h

    a5h New Member

    Hi Chaps,

    Just a quick one, i have a uk spec Audi b8 1.8tsfi 160 exec s-line with rear left double tip exhaust. I am wanting to upgrade the exhaust system to the 1.8 Milltek dual exit exhaust system...

    Will this be a bolt on jobby? obviously i will have to alter the rear bumper/valance to cater for the dual exit. Also when altering the rear bumper/valance, is it just a case of buying an S4 valance and swapping it for my S-line insert? if so how easy is this?

    (ive tried searching the forum for the answer to this and cant find anything!)

    Thanks in advance!


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