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B7 to B6 Cab tail light wiring pinouts?

Steve_B Mar 21, 2013

  1. Steve_B

    Steve_B Member

    Evening All,

    Would anyone have the pinouts of the B6 and B7 cabriolet tail light wiring and or the wiring convertors? As I prefer to make things. From the pics I have seen they look pretty much like same connectors with potentially different pin positioning - plus a resistor to remove the bulb warning?

    Have done extensive searches and nothing - Some years ago when I had a BMW there were pages and pages on pinouts - I made my own wiring for facelift Xenons and Bluetooth phones - little for Audi's?

    Haven't done anything to the cab since getting it, thought it was time to have a play and get B7 tail lights :yum:

    Many thanks for any info


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