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B7 sline number plate filler. Black

Paton_90 Apr 30, 2014

  1. Paton_90

    Paton_90 New Member

    Been looking to get a filler plate for an a4 b7 sline. I can only find them in America and when I went to dundee Audi I got told to go to America Audi and get it.

    Anyone know now were I can get one in the uk or does anyone have a part number for it?

  2. damfly27

    damfly27 Member

    try this...hope this helps :D

    Audi Part Numbers (partial list): B7 A4 (regular A4 has D"" in the part number and do not fit the S4/RS4)

    8E0 807 287 D 3FZ (satin black, black strips) B7 S4 (S4/A4 S-line has "C" in the part number and are interchangeable with the RS4)
    8E0 807 287 C 3FZ (satin black, black strips) part of titanium package
    8E0 807 287 C 1QP (gray, chrome strips) standard S4
    8E0 807 287 C Z9Y* (phantom black, chrome strips) 25th Quattro S4 B7 RS4 (RS4 has "E" in the part number and are interchangeable with the S4/A4 S-line)
    8E0 807 287 E 3FZ (satin black, brushed aluminum strips) part number and fitment for the 25th Quattro S4 filler could not be verified Procedure:

    AudiWorld Tech Articles
  3. SinghB7

    SinghB7 Active Member

    Sounds like Dundee Audi are pathetic. I bought mine from Halesowen Audi, very helpful and arrived from germany in 7days.
    Also just ordered US spec bumper reflectors and are arriving next week.
  4. Paton_90

    Paton_90 New Member

    Yeah the boy really didn't seem to have a clue and didn't seem interested either. I'll phone up tomorow and try the above part number and see if I get any were with that. If not thiers a few other Audi garages around.

    And the boy from Audi also said everyone on the forum is lying if they said they got a us spec part from a uk Audi dealer
  5. Paton_90

    Paton_90 New Member

    8e0 807 287 c 3fz

    That's the correct part number for my car of anyone needs it.
    Black filler plate for a4 b7 sline/rs4/s4

    Got a price of £50+vat from Aberdeen Audi and the guy has printed everything out for it.

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