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B7 S4- Thanks to NHN

l1lbill Feb 20, 2013

  1. l1lbill

    l1lbill New Member

    Having had the S4 for about 3 months now there were a couple of additions I wanted. I sourced a MFSW and a cruise control stalk I posted on here for help regards to coding and what other bits I would need. I had various offers of help and decided Nigel (NHN) was my best bet as he was the closest to me.

    I arranged to meet up with him and there he scanned my car which to my delight I had all the correct modules required (result as the bits could of cost another £200). He offered to do it there and then and within no time the new wheel and stalk were fitted and coding bagan.

    As per a previous thread I have also bought a parrot kit to install and wanted to check what wiring needed to be done. As the car was being coded Nigel noticed that the car had some coding for bluetooth. This we thought was very odd as the seller said it did not have a phone kit (and was another petrol head and knew all the car history) so we decided to try our luck.....and to our surprise the car paired to Nigel's phone! So turns out the car has factory bluetooth! Another chunk of money saved.

    All in all a very successful trip. I can not thank NHN (Nigel) enough for all his help. He did a great professional job and recommend him highly to anyone needing any retrofit or coding done.
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