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B7 HID/Xenon Query

northernlight Sep 27, 2011

  1. northernlight

    northernlight Member

    Hi all,

    Newby to the forum here. I'm just about to change my current Forester STI for (hopefully) a 2.0 TFSI quattro avant. I'm just looking at price vs spec and see that there aren't a huge number around with the OEM xenon lights fitted.

    I've currently got xenon's on the forester and love them, but I have heard a few complaints on forums that the Audi units are not that reliable and are expensive to fix.

    My query is, how many people on here have experienced this, and is it worth holding out for a car with them fitted as opposed to normal halogen?

    Thanks guys
  2. Richardesty

    Richardesty loves quattro

    I've had one oem bulb go in four years of use......and oem HID bulbs are expensive to replace what ever the manufacturer of the car........although I replaced it with a matching 'phillips' version not an 'audi' one.

    The oem HIDs are also bidirectional and work a treat.......and the lenses look better to boot :o.k:
  3. fooby

    fooby Member

    Pretty new myself, only had the audi since July, but the guy before me had the adaptive lighting ballast\module whatever(?) replaced just before i bought the car and that cost almost £400 just for the part itself! let alone what he paid in labour.

    So expensive yes, but coming from a mk4 golf, the bixenons are well worth it imo, and i was holding out for the spec......

    hope that helps a bit, no problems with the system so far btw......


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