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B7 Balancer shafts

Nitro Oct 5, 2012

  1. Nitro

    Nitro Member

    Hi Guys new to the B7, got a 2.0 tdi that has been diagnosed with a balancer shaft problem, anyone know the best fix for this problem and is there any recoil or contribution from Audi for this common ish problem. It is a late 2005 car. Been informed there is a fix where they take off the balancer shaft and replace it with the 1.9 tdi oil pump drive system. Been told am looking at a bill of about 1500 quid to fix it.
    Any help or advise would be greatly appriciated.

  2. hades-

    hades- Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    place for parts they know there stuff
  3. ChrisShepB7

    ChrisShepB7 Member

    Can vouch for powermax, they converted my chain driven balancer to take the gears and all for a reasonable price and the customer service is top notch.
  4. Paul B7

    Paul B7 Active Member

    I would suggest you take the time to read the very long thread on the 2.0 tdi oil pump/balance shaft problems near the top of the page.Two hours should just about cover it and remember to have a hanky out when you read it.................

    That said and to specifically answer your questions but in no fixed order;
    1) Audi deny this is a problem but IT IS !
    2) There is /was no recall from Audi
    3) Chances of a contribution from Audi to rectify their design fault are in my experiences NIL.
    4) Cost to rectify depends exactly what the problem is and how much damage has been caused.
    in my own case it cost me circa £2k , some have paid less and others have paid a lot, lot more including new engines and turbos not to mention others having had to scrap their cars.

    Good luck , we wish you well.

    Paul B7
  5. VagPro

    VagPro Active Member

    If you are certain that the balance shaft is on its way out, VW Sanburn will convert it to a 1.9TDI oil pump for somewhere like £500.00 ! The skoda engines dont have the balance shaft assembly and they run fine !
  6. adamss24

    adamss24 Well-Known Member

    They also vibrate more without the balancer shaft that's why they were fitted in the first place ! The problem is the 6mm hex drive for the oil pump, is just not man enough for the job, audi should have redesigned that part to take at least a 10mm shaft so there's more friction transmited . We all know how easy is to round a hex head without the right socket, don't we ? Same principle apply there...
  7. VagPro

    VagPro Active Member

    Yes I appreciate they vibrate more but is it worth for the cost of £2000 for a balancer shaft vs a £500 conversion, Id go for the 1.9 oil pump given that engine didn't exactly shake itself to bits with vibration ! I suppose it is because I expect vibrations from driving a diesel.
  8. Michaelkirkup

    Michaelkirkup New Member

    Just bought an 05 b7 s line blb, 116k miles, after reading all horror stories (after I'd bought it I must add lol!) I decided to pull mine apart and investigate, I found it still on the old.chain driven unit with a new chain and tensioner fitted with a 2011 date on! Bonus! Anyway the hex shaft was worn on the driving sides close to rounding! On close inspection I I found that a new hex shaft measured 5.9 something mm but the sockets of oil pump and shaft were around 6.1 mm, so the 'slop' of the poor design is what wears the shaft! I had the shaft hardness tested at an eng shop and found that a good quality Allen key is of equal quality and hardness to the vag shaft, after this I had a 7mm Allen key surface ground to produce a perfect 6.1 something mm shaft which fits the sockets precisely with no slop at all its now back together running perfectly for very little cost and due to the precise fit.should never again be a problem
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  9. roblane65

    roblane65 Member

    done the same bought an s-line with blb motor and then read the horrors,but got a mate who's a good mech to check it over and he said the chain nd tensioner were fine so ok there,he said he'd done a couple of of hex key relacements and used either a snap-on or bluepiont alan key to do the job.so next time she needs work he's gonna do mine for a bit of piece of mind but she's going well a the minute.Next jobs a EGR delete and remap.

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