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B6 v's B7 a few comments

FrankG Dec 6, 2004

  1. FrankG

    FrankG Member

    I was kind of worried when I collected my brand new 1.8T 190 B6 3 weeks ago; the reason was this new face lift B7. Last night I had the chance to compare both cars side by side. First off I traded my 150 1.8T for the 190, no comparison, the 6th gear addresses the motorway driving, and the extra torque through the gears is the business.
    The B7 I was looking at was a Metallic black 1.9 Turbo Diesel 110bhp so I can't compare engines. Interior it's practically the same; the steering wheel has a different centre, replicates the front grill. More room for the back seat passengers. The 1.8T 163bhp will come with the standard seats no sport seats; it will also come with only one exhaust. The reason for this is to try and entice new buyers towards the 2.0T, it will come with the twin exhaust, same as our B6, and it will come with the sport seats. All cars will be fitted standard with 16" alloys. Exterior wise the side profile is very similar to the B6, the front of the car, hood area is higher than the B6 and this is to do with pedestrian impact. Looking straight at the car it's got a real aggressive stance. The grill looks great, headlights haven't yet grown on me but they add to the overall look. The rear of the car is amazing it's finished off very well. The rear lights really look well. As I said I seen them side by side and really it's only the grill that gives the new face lift away. So I am 100% happy with my B6 especially now it's a 190 and I can honestly say I will wait until 2007 for the new A4.
  2. mikeA2B

    mikeA2B Member

    seen one the other night, cant beleive how tall they sit, the one I saw looked like it had towing suspension, must of been at least 3" between the top of the type to the wheelarch- and it wasnt an allroad.

    prefer the B6...for now.

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