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B6 to B7 Conversion

bitnics Feb 15, 2013

  1. bitnics

    bitnics Member


    I am sure that there are hundreds of those threads already.

    I got a B6 Cabriolet. Can I buy the parts of A4 B7 of any type of chassis e.g. avant or saloon ?

    I am aware that I need to get the bonnet, both wings, bumper, grill and headlamps. Correct me if I am wrong.
    I am also aware that you need to cut the wings and join the together.

    It is hard to find convertible parts and I asked so many people and places. If I can get them of an avant or a saloon then would be brilliant! Please someone confirm this!.

    This is rather urgent as I am getting a payout from my insurance company to fix my car and I thought I could change the entire front for that money so I need to make my mind up whether I should take the cash or just book it in for repairs. I prefer to do it myself.

    Thanks a bunch Jake.
  2. VagCabby

    VagCabby Active Member

    As far as I'm aware its a lot easier to.conver a cabriolet than a saloon avant due to theb6 and b7 cabriolets both not having the line going down the side so.no need for cutting the wings on the cab, b7 cab wings will fit directly on. You have get bonnet, bumper, wings, lights, slam panel, and some other little bits. I have looked into it myself but can't be ***** haha
  3. Nath-rszt

    Nath-rszt New Member

    It has to be cab parts used as the wing tops and bonnet edges are different to accommodate the fatter a post.. You can use a saloon bumper,headlights and possibly the slam panel.. I've just done the conversion on my saloon if you want to see it then go to show your motor thread and look on the last page 48 I think.. It's the blue one.

    I also have a b6 cab that I'm gunna do the conversion on.. I like to use second hand parts to keep costs down but I have never seen a used b7 cab bonnet. Wouldn't like to know how much a new one is. Well I would if someone want to find out?

    Also I chopped the fronts off the wings as I work ina bodyshop so it's easy for me.. It also kept the cost down as I bought x2 brand new pattern b7 wings as the were only £23 each.. I used pattern as I had to blend to 2 lines together anyway

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