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B6 S4 spec questions

jvbates Jan 21, 2007

  1. jvbates

    jvbates Member


    Am going to look at a couple more S4's this week, and have a couple of questions about some of the options fitted to them, that hopefully any other A4/S4 owners (or anyone else) might know...

    1. One of them has the full leather electric recaro seats. But the owner say's that they don't have the memory function. Is this right? I thought that it was part of the 'electric' functionality. Is the memory part a seperate option?

    2. The other has the (non-bluetooth) phone option. Is this any good? does it only fit certain handsets? If I want to remove it does it leave holes in the dash? How easy is it to change it to the bluetooth version?

    Many thanks in advance
  2. gizze

    gizze Member

    My S4 has electric but no memory.

    Can't help with the phone kit, but from what I could work out the bracket is part of the trim on the centre console so not only does it look ugly, it could be expensive to remove.

    If you get a car with symphony stereo you can add the DVD nav+ and full bluetooth for around £850, and it takes 15 minutes to fit.
  3. tonyt102

    tonyt102 Member

  4. a4sline

    a4sline Member

    Memory function was an option on leather Recaros as the S4 interior I fitted in my old s line (god rest her soul) was full electric with no memory.

    As for the phone, if its a G1 non blue tooth with the ugly cable hanging down off the handset, it's poo. Better off speaking to Craigy B to retro fit RNS-E with bleu tooth.
    If you need a new console without the phone prep, drop me a PM as I have a new double din console without phone prep in the roof of my garage gathering dust.
  5. stoakseya4

    stoakseya4 Active Member

    My leather recaros has electric but no memory.
    Mine has the GSM phone kit fitted, but you need a cradle for each different phone type. New phones don't always have a cradle available for them either (I have a SE K800i and no cradle as yet). They're made by Pullman I think for Audi's - not sure if there are any aftermarket ones that work... In my opinion a waste of money...
  6. gizze

    gizze Member

    cullman make them, and yeah, a complete waste of time.

    You can retrofit the bluetooth system for £400, much better system and no ugly cradle anywhere.
  7. dualmono21

    dualmono21 Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    my seats are the leather recaros with the memory option

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