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B6 S4 Satnav options

jvbates Jan 14, 2007

  1. jvbates

    jvbates Member

    I'm currently looking for a 03/04 B6 S4 - hopefully with DVD SatNav. But they seem to be fairly rare in my price range (22K). The other option is to retrofit one, and I have a couple of question that hopefully someone can answer...

    1. What are the differences between the OEM satnav versions (RSN-D, RSN-E, MMI)

    2. What does the B6 S4 come with as standard (most seem to of had the BOSE upggrade)

    3. Does the head unit fitted affect how difficult it is to retrofit a new unit.

    4. How much is it likely to cost, I see you can get a RSN-E unit from ebay for about £400. Is it a case if just swapping the units over or does it require a professional install?

    5. What about the bluetooth and TV options. Is it worth doing these at the same time?

    Any help much appreciated.
  2. benw123

    benw123 Moderator

    I'll do my best to answer the questions here, but I recommend you check out http://www.navplus.us - it's a forum dedicated to the RNS-E and you'll find it very helpful.

    1. The RNS-D is similar to the RNS-E but essentially is the older model. It has a smaller screen and doesn't have nice things like SD card slots to play MP3s, like the RNS-E. MMI is brand new and only available in the new A6, A8 and Q7 models and is completely different.

    2. Not sure what was standard on the S4, but I would guess if most have Bose, the buyers would have specified the Symphony II unit, which is good news because from this it's easier to upgrade to the RNS-E as they are both the same size. If you're looking at an S4 with a single slot CD player (such as Chorus or Concert), an RNS-E retrofit may be more work as at the very least you'll need a double-DIN cage.

    3. See above - if the car has Symphony II installed, then a retrofit is miles easier. You'll need an adapter (see http://www.kufatec.de or search eBay for "RNS-E"). Most good RNS-E vendors on eBay or anywhere else should provide the extra bits, like the antenna and DVD, as part of the deal.

    4. Swapping from Symphony II to RNS-E is very easy. In addition to the bits specified above, you'll need four removal keys and the stereo just comes straight out. After you've plugged in the RNS-E, it will work but you will need VAG-COM or someone who has it to code the car, including any options you have with it (like Bose, for example). Doing this will also clear any diagnostic errors.

    5. It's probably a bit easier to do it all at once, but obviously more expensive. My advice is to get the RNS-E installed first, and then upgrade to Bluetooth and TV afterwards.

    Also note that one of our members on this forum, s8craig, does professional installs - drop him a PM if you're interested.
  3. jvbates

    jvbates Member

    Thanks for answering all my questions benw123.

    I know s8craig gets recommended all the time (with nothing but glowing reports!!) but i'm down on the south coast, so he's a fair distance away.

    Does anyone know of any qualified installers on the south east?

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