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For Sale B6 S4 Fast Intentions 2.5" exhaust, Resonated with X pipe

dsmclark40v Apr 24, 2012

  1. dsmclark40v

    dsmclark40v Member

    Here we have for sale the best performance exhaust available for the B6 S4.

    Its a 2.5" pipe diameter which gives greater gains over the 2.25" miltek offering. Also has the X-pipe instead of the H-pipe which helps with exhaust gas pulses.

    It has 14" resonators and gives a lovely burble, Sounds lovely on over run.

    Its currently on my car with cat less down pipes which are also available. Its 2.5" all the way through from the down pipes but I will include the adapters that I had made so it should connect straight up to stock downpipes.

    Here is a short video clip, sorry for the quality it was filmed on a phone


    I bought it from JHM in the USA last August and it cost me a fair bit in shipping and Import duty and taxes

    I am looking for about £650 for cat back and £350 for the cat less downpipes

    You can email me at dsmclark@gmail.com or PM me on here

    here is a picture borrowed from the JHM website where I purchased the exhaust

  2. AudiS3-Turbo

    AudiS3-Turbo Member

    still got this?

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