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B6 Multifunction Steering Wheel....

JohnboyC May 28, 2007

  1. JohnboyC

    JohnboyC Member

    Found this on e-bay


    The Part number is Hi the Audi part number for the E-bay item is 8E0 880 201 AB 6PS. So Is it "that" easy to fit the multi function element of the steering wheel to a B6 2003 2.5TDi Avant Quattro Sport (i.e. is there any main stealer programming involved ?)....I quite like the idea of changing radio channel via the steering wheel rather than tinkering around with the unergonmic Audi Sympony.

    (Btw - why did Audi persist in fitting a "Cassette Playing " symphony to even an 06 B7 I had a gander at in a local car park...)...hello Planet Earth calling Audi !!!! .....get with it will u ! Cassette players are now defunct !!!!!! RNS-E here we come sometime when they drop below £300.....esp NOT from Lithunania !:no:
  2. Shades

    Shades Member

    Jag are the same. Don't forget though there are coffin dodgers buying new cars who haven't quite got round to these new fangled CD's yet!
  3. Elberoth

    Elberoth Member


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