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B6 Halogen Headlight Motor.

ADC74 Jul 19, 2011

  1. ADC74

    ADC74 Member

    Evening all.
    I've just bought a second hand headlight for my B6 & it doesn't have the motor fitted which adjusts the beam direction. I'm going to use the motor in my existing headlight so, before I go breaking ****, is this a straight forward swap over job ?
    I'll get a better idea once I have removed the light with existing motor in it but just looking to get in front rather than playing the guessing game !

    Any advice would be appreciated :thumbsup:
  2. Cabbyfan

    Cabbyfan Active Member

    If you mean the headlight levelling motor, they take 15 mins to swap. Remove headlight, open the back cover, 2 screed, fittle ball joint thing, remove motor, reverse process to fit new one. Dead easy, just done mine.
  3. ADC74

    ADC74 Member

    Thanks for that fella :thumbsup:

    Was easier than I thought but glad you pointed me in the right direction.
    Much happier now I've fitted a second hand unit & replaced all the bulbs in both, looks more uniform.

    If anyone is after a nearly new ( less than 6 mths old ) N/S/F headlight for a B6 Audi A4 then drop me a PM. Genuine Audi part - 8EO 941 029 D - mint condition, NO bulbs & the motor has been removed also.

    Having just double checked the above part number it would seem that it is infact a Xenon Headlight which would explain why it didn't look right on my car :wacko:
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2011

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