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B6 A4 2.5V6 TDI - Plethora of questions/advice needed

J88HNB Oct 19, 2013

  1. J88HNB

    J88HNB New Member

    Good morning & hello audi-sport.net

    First post and I will begin with apologising for the sheer length of this post
    I've done some researching but wanted to confirm with the experts before I buy a few things and part with my cash.

    Car in question is a Denim Blue 2.5 V6 A4 Quattro 52 Plate - 2003 model

    Few things about me I guess to properly introduce myself.

    I'm a bit of a car nut to say the least, coming from an EP3 Civic Type R, DC 2 Integra Type R, Evo 4, Evo 7 (570bhp), E6 TME (530bhp), more recently a MK5 Golf R32, MK6 Golf R(20) & a 380bhp Evo X SST.

    Well as winter is upon us I thought it prudent to get something hopefully nice and reliable for the forthcoming 'drab wintery months'. With this in mind I recently purchased a MINT (2 owner) Denim Blue 2.5 V6 A4 Quattro 52 Plate - 2003 model just a few days ago. 76k Full Audi SH etc etc. 100% standard. Drives beautiful, averages 35mpg around the town and sits as 47-50+MPG on MWays - I'm very happy with it as I had read horror stories of it being underpowered & terrible on fuel. Mine seems to be a good one (fingers crossed) :)

    I am surprised at just how much I LOVE the car considering it doesn't have my usual requirements of toys, (steering wheel controls, front/back parking sensors, Sat Nav, auto headlights/wipers & DSG....:wtf:

    As said, even without the above I actually love the way it drives - beautiful, very refined and I'm shocked that it averages between 40-50+mpg depending on 'town' or 'motorway' driving... :)

    Ok - on to the questions - I have researched and found some good info from this and a few other sites but I want to ask the people in the know before I part with my £'s. No one better to advise than someone who has been there and done it....


    1st - My understanding is that I have the Single DIN Concert CD stereo (2)?. It's the main and only real issue that it doesn't like to tune in and play the normal channels - Classic FM plays very well but the others 'not so much'. Why is this?
    The weirdest issue though is that as soon as I press the 'rear window' demiset - the whole stereo goes very snowy and sounds awful to the point I need to switch the de-mist off.....??

    I've found this & was going to order it - Audi iPod/iPhone USB SD MP3 AUX New All In One Interface �::�AUDI�::�XCarLink
    There are others available, some at less than half the cost but I like the idea of being able to play my radio channels via the iphone 5s APP that's detailed in this advert via Bluetooth.

    My question is, at £160 for the Bluetooth version - would it be more prudent to just retrofit a 'new' aftermarket system that does everything as standard or by a 'cheaper' ebay kit like this - AUDI A2, A3, A4, A6, A8, TT iPod iPhone Interface Adaptor CTAADIPOD003.2 | eBay
    How would that work though as this Concert 2 stereo is rather large in dimensions i.e. (wide) and not the usual standard OEM size as in most cars?

    Alternatively I would love to retrofit the Audi double din sat nav system (rsn or something??), I see there's a very helpful member by the name of 'NHN' that appears to the be stereo guru, how on earth would this work as I have single DIN and heater controls etc underneath? Would the cost of retrofitting the Audi double din nav cost more/less than a decent aftermarket sat nav system (ball park) and would a 'newer' system outclass the OEM NAV Double Din stereo anyways? I'm dubious about moving the air conditioning control panel - sounds very extreme, is the end result very OEM looking?

    I want to make sure that the picture quality is fantastic as I plan to fit the reverse camera etc etc.
    Any recommendations on camera equipment to install that's straight forward.


    I have adjustable levelling headlights but they are POOR in quality.

    I'm not used to this quality of lighting that the car has as standard, after reading and reading about HID/Xenon upgrades and the dreaded Canbus dash warning issues, I've fried my brain.
    My previous cars all had Bi Xenons etc from the factory, so trying to get my head around CanBus kits and then other side light bulbs, dipped/main beam etc has me pickled.

    Can someone please recommend a tried/tested full kit that will retrofit, cause no error warnings etc and fit my needs? Also side lights, main/dipped etc etc - the full works LOL.

    This any good? - Xenon HID Headlight Upgrade Kits from HIDS 4U - H7, H4, H1
    Do I still need to upgrade additional bulbs even with this kit?


    It wouldn't be me if I wasn't to carry out a remap on the car at the very least... :)

    Extreme Motorsport Whitburn used to look after/remap my Evo's - I know he 'was' an Evolution Chips dealer but he has recently moved premies and now has no RR. The figures quoted on Evolutions site are reasonable as in regards to power/torque increases for the £'s. I'm not chasing figures as that's not what this car is about, I would just like to release a few more safe ponies. Won't complain either as I'm sure the MPG would only increase too :)

    Does anyone has this remap on their 2.5V6 TDI B6 - is it any good, noticeable at all or just very linear and boring?
    Are there 'better' alternatives around Edin/Glas/Fife etc etc that are recommended/preferred and why?

    Anything around the 200/210 seems to be the norm as I keep reading about the pump issues that can occur - I must stay away from these issues haha.

    Would it be worthwhile to de-cat the exhaust & fit an inducion kit/air filter prior to the remap or is the difference negligible and unnecessary?


    I don't personally find the Quattro 'wood trim' to my taste - PLEASE can someone put me out of my misery and advise the easiest way to have this changed to a soft aluminium or alternative? How on earth is the ash tray sorted/changed though?

    Is there a good item/cradle/dock for my iPhone 5s to go as well?

    Next :

    I would like to be able to adjust my clutch as it's not very heel/toe useable, is this as simple as adjusting the bolt/rod behind the clutch pedal. There's nothing wrong with it in terms of slippage, I just enjoy a biting point immediately as you lift the clutch off the floor and not a couple inches, if that makes sense?


    I would love some RS4 alloys, genuine or replica I don't mind.

    Unlike previous cars, I actually care about ride comfort in this one so I'm concerned about lowering - my days of crash/nag wallop over drain/pot holes are gone as I have an infant who will be in the back.
    Paul aka pjmspeedy has kindly quoted me for the retrofit Isofix bar - great site with such helpful members this!

    Ok say I fit 18x8 alloys on say a 225 or 235 tyre, would simply fitting lowerig springs ruin the handling/comort. If so is there a comfort option in regards to Bilstein or Coilovers available? I would love to keep away from coilovers as I have had them on every previous car for the past 10 years and would love some 'comfort' for a change. I would want a slight drop so I'm not running around looking like an offroader with new alloys.

    How about the 19" versions? Say 19x9 ET35? again simply lowering springs up to the job to simply lower 15/20/30mm?
    I plan to fit the RS4 rear ARB too & possibly a front strut brace to help with the body roll too.

    Thanks in advance to anyone that takes the time to read my msg, I appreciate it's lengthy but I thought best to get it all posted and anyone who can help I appreciate it.

    If at all possible, anything retrofitted needs to look OEM, nice and stock with no obvious cables/wires etc as that's just not me.


    Although most of my questions around retrofitting are jobs that most people could themselves I imagine, personally I will have my local VW/Audi specialist friend's garage do the hardwork - I'm a banker and honestly wouldn't know where to start! :mad:


  2. Mike B

    Mike B Well-Known Member

    Well that's a mouthful but welcome to the world of 2.5tdi Qs.Just to keep the ball rolling I got mine from my son who is the car nut and he still borrows it when his S3 is being tweaked.He had an ImprezaT and a legacy 4cam t before.He fitted satnav and full dis and cruise cos this is a sport and I think it was straightforward but you need to get advice .I suggest you check the area of the amp and aerial for water cos it seems you may have a damp problem.I assume yours has had the cambelt change if not the best is adamms24 on here also fore any technical stuff
  3. J88HNB

    J88HNB New Member

    Greetings Mike B

    It certainly was but I like to be thorough! :p
    Mine says Sport on book etc but I don't see anything 'sporty' about it hehe. Shouldn't compare apples & oranges though :)

    I have Cruise Control but have no idea what DIS is? I like the OEM look of the Audi Sat Nav system but can't get my head around fitting it as I have single DIN. Keep reading it can be done though.

    Can you tell me where the AMP/Aerial is please?

    Yep, belts were done 2011 @ 67k - service wise, I don't think I've ever bought such a well maintained/serviced 2nd hand car.
    It had to be though as I had read the common issues that can occur so I wanted to have the best chance possible at steering clear.

    Fingers crossed it's smooth/plain sailing but the gremlins can happen to any car I guess regardless of how well it's maintained.

    John :beerchug:
  4. crazy88

    crazy88 Loving the anonymity

    If it's a sport it should be 20mm lower than an se model. It should also have a 3 spoke steering wheel. Plus a different front bumper I believe. There's a sticky in this section relating to bumpers.

    DIS is driver information system. On your middle screen between speedo it will display mpg, journey time etc. This is controlled from the end of the wiper stalk. If it only says miles to empty you haven't got DIS. But, I think that if you have cruise you should have dis.

    The conversion to double din isn't as scary as it sounds. It's a new cage for the stereo, and I believe a tweak to the heater controls, but nothing major. They come out the factory as double din, so it's not like it's a modders only tweak.

    The amp is in the back right compartment of the boot (at least it is on the avant)

    Welcome to the forum too by the way. We need some pics of the car!
  5. Mike B

    Mike B Well-Known Member

    Don't think the cruise is standard on a sport nor full DIS.Good to hear belts done; 8yrs is over the spec but it seems like they timed it right .I have 18s on my Avant and they look better than the normal 16s.my son has fitted an induction kit which he had spare from his S3 and I am getting used to the sound.He insists it goes better but he is the one who gives it some .I just idle about cos its an auto but it still cruises well and can return good mpg on a run.Have got xenons which are superb but I think they were a costly extra and most fit the kit
  6. J88HNB

    J88HNB New Member

    Appreciate the welcome - will take some tomo, any excuse to give her a wash.

    I called the garage who stamped it to confirm, they remembered the car & said it was done due to age rather than miles. Certainly gave me some reassurance.

    Was out briefly tonight, desperately need Xenons, current lights remind me of the old GTE 16v days lol.....
  7. quattrojames

    quattrojames Moderator Staff Member Moderator Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group

    Welcome to ASN.

    A 52 plate Sport will have the same standard bumper as the SE. To address a few points...

    Headlights on the A4 are shocking. HID's help no end, but they're still disappointing in my opinion. I have a contact who is experimenting with different ellipsoidal balls within the lamp unit, watch this space on that. For now a set of HID's will get you through the winter.

    Lowering a Sport is subjective, it doesn't need it like an SE does, but if low cars are your thing then the A4's tend to be quite forgiving in terms of maintaining their ride comfort.

    An oem music/nav option is the RNSd or e - the latter will stand you approaching £500 fitted, I recently fitted a d to mine (see one of my recent threads) it cost me £160 ish and will do mostly the same things an e does, but with a smaller screen and less music input options. It's a more sensible cost effective option in my opinion.

    The trim can be removed and replaced, or wrapped in one of the plethora of options there are these days.
  8. J88HNB

    J88HNB New Member

    All I could find were 2nd hand units on eBay to replace the wood - any links/recommendations as alternatives to the wood James?

    Thanks for your response, very much appreciated!

  9. S4_dan

    S4_dan Fire up the Quattro! VCDS Map User

    My A4 came with HID's fitted already by the PO, not Genuine though. He just bought some aftermarket ones (6000k) and fitted them with error cancelling capacitors. They are good in the night, but not as good as my Dad's S8 genuine Xenon lights.

    I do have a set of B5 S4 lights in my shed and I will be looking to fit the ellipsoidal balls and ballasts to my A4 B6 light units, hopefully that will improve the light output even further.

  10. Turkster

    Turkster Bro.Paul 2.5TDI Quattro Sport

    My Sport has the Maga Bright whitle lights fitted at the factory, the sport part is in the anti roll bar's and the springs,
  11. quattrojames

    quattrojames Moderator Staff Member Moderator Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group

    Very early Sport's came with xenon's as standard, but they soon discontinued that. Unless you know something I don't SE and Sport RARB's are the same?
  12. BRILLO

    BRILLO Member

    I thought it was lower springs,seats and steering wheel were the differences.
  13. Turkster

    Turkster Bro.Paul 2.5TDI Quattro Sport

    as far as i know, and i could be wrong, but from my experiance, I see the SE models have thiner Anti Roll Bars, softer springs, so the sport models are a lot more sturdy on the bends, my A4 is a 2001 and was an early production model.

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