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B5 Tsq Ronal Bolero 17" wheel Wanted....Can anyone help???

eyeball Feb 6, 2012

  1. eyeball

    eyeball New Member

    Hi there,
    i know its the wrong place to put this add but as I havent done 25 posts I cant place this on classifieds.
    I'm after a Ronal bolero for my TSQ does anyone know ehere I could get one? Im also after a genuine n's front wing in Avus as someone hit my car and Im gutted as Ive owned her for 9 years she's now done 180K and she's split mint...well was until the wing got hit. So if I could find a minter of a wing thats genuine and doesnt need painting so I can fir it straight on, this would be brilliant, she's a 2000 model face lift.
    Any help or advice appreciated...Im in the Manchester area but do travel alot.
    Email me at paulcarr69@ntlworld.com

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