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b5 S4 Transmission and some other leak?

Espirit Aug 4, 2012

  1. Espirit

    Espirit New Member

    Hello everyone. About a week ago I bought a B5 Audi S4. Today I got under the engine to clean the oil pan as it has a small crack on the far front and it leaks, so i decided to clean it out to verify that was its only leak problem and i noticed (what i believe is the transmission) to be full of oil and probably leaking... what do you guys think? and worse case scenario how much money are we talking about -_-? And please don't give me **** about already seeing this thread in another forum as im only trying to reach a broader number of people to solve my problem.


    This are the other leaks, they seem to be on each side of the transmission, but i dont know what they are.


    Does anybody have an idea? Thanks

  2. Administrators

    Administrators Administrator Staff Member Administrator Audi A4 TDi


    That looks just like the joint between the engine and gearbox. If you have a lot of oil coming out of the bell housing you might have a main rear oil seal gone.. If you are going to have to do that job I would think about clutch at the same time unless it's new-ish...

    For the other oil leaks I would have a look at the Cam cover area and see if there is oil running down the sides of the heads...

    Best of luck

    Last edited: Aug 4, 2012

    HEKTOR Member

    I would say the same as above, rocker gaskets are common as are the half moon seals at the back of the head, check both. Your engine mounts look shot as well so that might be what appears to be leaking. Upgrade to rs4 mounts or 034 Motorsport density line.
  4. AndyC

    AndyC Moderator Moderator


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