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B5 S4 Brakes

dale86 Feb 7, 2014

  1. dale86

    dale86 Member

    Hi I have a set of B5 S4.calpiers that I've had powder coated to bolt on to my b6 a4 1.9tdi now I know I've heard they are not much of an upgrade but they are to really fill my alloys out instead of the tiny stoppers on at the moment. I'm just wondering if anyone can tell me if these discs will be useable ( item number 350901724932 ). If they are not could someone tell me what ones are and what's the biggest diamiter I could bolt on I'm sure I've read it is 320 though. I would also like to know if their is any brake pad retaining kit for these as my calipers don't have any but have just been rebuilt with all new seals and boots. Thanks in advance
  2. AlexGSi2000

    AlexGSi2000 Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    Yes, those discs should be suitable.
    There are no wire style pad retainers - just bolts (the caliper with the wire retainers is a slightly different design more commonly found on the A8 I think and US S4's)

    I attempted to go down the same route a few years back, but I was told a few times that even the standard ATE 288mm brakes were better than the Lucas B5 S4 brakes.
    I held off and eventually went for some B6 S4 340mm brakes - the difference was night & day.
  3. dale86

    dale86 Member

    Thanks Alex I've heard that about these calipers but I have all ready spent the money getting them blasted and powder coated and rebuilt . I can only try them an see what they're like and if they're naff I'll be sending them down the road as long a s theyre no worse than my factory stoppers I'll be happy lol. I'm just after some thing nicer looking .
  4. deano1978

    deano1978 different gear

    B6 S4 340mm brakes - the difference was night & day.

    Im upgrading just got some 569 carriers for 312 discs. So is a4 s4 brake upgrade direct fit to 340mm dics?
  5. benjie

    benjie Well-Known Member

    I have these on my car and the braking difference was immediately huge. So much better - hardly any fade compared to the standard ones I had and braking is far improved in general, with less effort from my foot.

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