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B5 RS4 - ESP Button problem!!!!

launching_rs4 Oct 29, 2007

  1. launching_rs4

    launching_rs4 New Member

    Hey Guys

    Chasing some help from fellow B5 RS4 owners & techs regarding a problem I am having with my esp button, which currently isn't working.

    Short story is, I was checking the car via vag the other day and during getting side tracked by phone calls I accidently logged into adaption channels in channel 03 abs module with what I think was the wrong code and on top of that I went into adaption channel 00 and saved to defaults etc. No ever since then my esp button doesn't work! No dtc errors and the abs and esp lights come on and then go off when turning ignition on, so all seems normal except the button doesn't work. From people's advice I then did the abs & esp test via vag in measure blocks and the next morning the button worked again, only then 20 minutes later while driving it stopped working once more! This is driving me nuts, I hope someone can help me out. I think I entered the incorrect login code in 03 abs, does/can anyone supply me the correct login number? Also I don't think the problem is actually with the button itself as its had been working flawlessly until this event and didn't need any extra force for the button to turn things on & off. I have also tried holding the button for an extended amount of time and nothing happens.

    Below is my ecu # and coding numbers for ecu & abs modules, hope this can help my cause as to compare with what you fellow B5 RS4's have:

    The 5 digit coding of my ecu & abs modules in Vag are as follows:

    ECU – 05711 – my actual ecu part # is 8D0 907 551D

    ABS – 04395 ( VAG 8D0 907 389E – Component ABS/ESP Allrad D56 )

    Also how this came about as I mentioned was that I saved adaption channel 00 in abs module 03 address, but I went into that last night and from channel 00-99 there is no information to change in the adaption channels anyway so I can’t see how that could do anything bad but it seems like it has in some way?

    Anyway any help would be greatly appreciated

    Melbourne, Australia
    2001 RS4 - Avus Silver

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