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b5 or b6 1.8t?

jamie_a4 Mar 3, 2011

  1. jamie_a4

    jamie_a4 Active Member

    Hi people,

    ive been on here ages but not posted much.

    back in the day i had an a4 b5 1.8t sport in solid red and it was a beautiful car for age / milage and drove really well for a 1996... decided it was getting on a bit though so sold it for a b6 sport 2.0 fsi,
    which was a bad move as it was one of the early fsi engines which was riddled with problems and kept cutting out on me etc. wish i'd never bought it, kinda put me off audi's for a while.

    i'm back in the market for a tidy one now, and my heads saying b6 but due to having a really good example of a b5 , my hearts telling me b5.

    i can get a leggy 1.8t sport for 2.5-3k (b6)
    or a late, hopefully mint 1.8t sport (B5) for the same money with low milage (maybe even a 180bhp quattro)

    any suggestions?


  2. jamie_a4

    jamie_a4 Active Member

    no idea's anyone?
  3. adamss24

    adamss24 Well-Known Member

    I would go for a b5 1.8TQS at any time, the b6 are just too unreliable and came pretty low specced compared with the TQS. If you need a bit more room at the back then maybe the b6 is for you. Look for a estate/avant as they hold value better. Dont be put off by high mileage as low ones are definatelly clocked, trust me on this ! There is a nice s4 look-a-like 1.8TQS on audisrs, nogarro blue with white recaro leather seats but it's for sale at 4.5 k, very, very tidy but high mileage as well ! I will be putting my a4 v6 tdi quattro sport avant for sale soon, s4 replica with black leather sport seats, 180bhp tdi engine chipped to 240 at the wheels, fully uprated suspension (eibach Pro springs on rs4 genuine Sachs shocks), full respray(due to fitting the s4 bodykit), 330mm 4 pot brakes up front/rs4 312mm vented brakes at the rear,rs4 rear spoiler,rs4 rear diff, rs4 alloy roof rails, bose, blaupunkt stereo,etc. Everyting was done by me (i am a v6 di specialist) and it Pulls like a whore on crack and still does 45Mpg on a motorway trip ! Low insurance group with diesel economy whilst upsetting a lot of petrol "fast cars"...keep an eye on the classifieds soon or pm for more details !
  4. jamie_a4

    jamie_a4 Active Member

    many thanks for the reply, i don't need room in the back as i travel on my own most times, the occasional trip down south 4 up.

    i think i'd prefer the petrol, as no doubt your's is a mint example, but diesels scare me lol

    milage doesn't bother me as i said above , my b5 has 129k on when i bought it, sweet as a nut.

    will be on the look out for a tidy 1.8t sport b5 :)


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