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B5 Lower door trim replacements

lothian Sep 4, 2009

  1. lothian

    lothian New Member

    I've just replaced my lower door trim strips and thought I'd post my experience as this seems to be a common problem.

    First, a little background. The original lower trim/weather strips were made of black pvc with a mild steel insert to grip the rounded rectangular clips. The mild steel rusts through and the trims start to come away from the clips.

    All of the trims on my 99 facelift were gone and I found a complete set on Ebay for around £90 including new clips and screws.
    The replacement trims were genuine Audi parts and have been modified by replacing the mild steel insert with a solid hard plastic channel to grip the clips. Sorry, I didn't note the part numbers.

    To do the job you will need:
    Replacement trims.
    Clips as required - mine were ok.
    New bolts (recommended)
    Philips screwdriver
    Mole grips
    WD40 or similar.
    1 hour of your time for all four trims.

    1. Open the door and locate the philips screw at the lower inside edge of the door towards the front (i.e. below the hinges).
    2. Attempt to remove the screw normally. If it keeps turning and won't come out, don't worry.
    3. If your bolt came out ok, attempt to slide the trim back towards the rear of the A4. If your trims are as bad as mine were, just rock the rusty metal out of the clips starting from the rear.

    If the bolt didn't come out just ease the old trim out of the clips by rocking it up and down then gently tear the front of the trim from the bolt fitting. A small amount of trim will remain on the door. Use a flat bladed screwdriver or pliers to remove the bits of black rubber until you reveal a brass threaded fitting. The seized bolt goes through this fitting. Spray the fitting with WD40 then clamp it with your mole grips. Back on the inside of the door, attempt to loosen the bolt again holding the mole grips on the other side.
    4. Clean up the clips and replace as necessary. Clear away any evidence of glue or temporary repairs from the clips or door skin.
    5. Take a new trim and offer it up to the clips offset slightly to the rear of the A4. Push the trim in place then tap it forward from the rear until the edge is flush with the door.
    6. Working from the inside of the door, fit a new screw.

    Finally, stand back and admire your work!
  2. PaulJC84

    PaulJC84 Owner

    Nice write up, good work.

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