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B5/B6 A4 Built 2.0l 20v stroked engine/manis/ECU

jcb Sep 30, 2011

  1. jcb

    jcb Active Member VCDS Map User

    Due to losing a massive deal and facing personal bankruptcy I now find myself needing to sell a turbo set up I have spent the last several years researching, collecting and building. It was due to be fitted over the next few months.
    This is all the hardware/software etc required for a 500bhp "1.8t" A4
    I was due to use a GT2871 but recently sold it to acquire a Billet wheeled GT3071 from Al at PAG in the US. I have not replaced it as yet.

    Hardware will fit any B5/6 but the management will have to be standalone if used outside a B5 A4 AJL code 1.8tqs

    I would prefer to sell as a drop in unit but if it does not attract the right interest it will be broken. (as will my heart for having to do that!)

    Engine Block:
    AJL 058 block - stripped, cleaned and clearanced - bored to 83mm (painted silver)
    92.8mm ABA crank, balanced, ARP Timing gear bolt, gear also fitted with tool steel dowel to negate failure of keyway
    new timing belt, tensioner/roller
    IM shaft machined to take stroker crank
    Calico Main/Rod bearings
    ARP Main studs
    Scat H Beam rods 20mm Tool steel wrist pin ARP Hardware
    Supertech 9:1cr stroker pistons
    brand new water pump - metal impeller
    brand new oil pump
    brand new rear/main seals and housing

    All internals weight matched to +/- 0.5gram and balanced as an entire rotating assembly including clutch and flywheel

    Large port AJL head
    Stripped, dipped and skimmed (35 thou)
    Full Titanium Supertech valvetrain, black nitrided exhaust valves, Supertech Inlet valves, 3 groove keepers, Titanium springs and retainers
    New Hydraulic followers
    Stock AJL Cams
    Raceware Head studs
    Victor Reinz Metal Laminate Head gasket, new stem seal, new seals throughout

    TTV single mass 240mm custom steel flyweel
    SouthBend Stage 4 clutch (S4/RS4 dimensions OFE SS pressure friction materials)
    Balanced and machined
    Pressure plate to withstand 600-650ft/lbs torque

    All engine build work completed by Engine Services - Edinburgh (they do engine build work for MRC among others)

    Inlet/Exhaust manifolds
    Custom oversize OEM inlet (2" wider plenum)
    Custom tubular SS manifold with Vband housings throughout for external wastegate.
    low angle merge collector and wastegate tube merge into..
    3" Downpipe - all in 316 stainless TIG welded
    All work done by Agtronic Canada
    Tial 44mm Wastegate and VBand clamp
    Tial GT2871 stainless exhaust housing and Vband clamps
    Custom Oil and water hoses, fittings and oil restrictors

    Turbo Inlet:
    4" MAF and loom to suit Tapp/Eurodyne 630cc file
    All Forge silicon inlet hoses for TIP, DV, Turbo outlet to FMIC
    6-4" spun aluminium velocity stack (fits straight into a 6" air filter cone)

    Management/Fuelling/Boost control:
    Spare AJL ECU with Tapp/Eurodyne 630cc file ready to plug and play
    Bosch 044 rally spec pump, cage and basket ready to drop in
    Seimens 630cc injectors, stock fuel rail/FPR
    AEM Trueboost EBC
    AEM AFR gauge, both plumbed into a custom A4 ashtray (completely invisible until opened as the stock ashtray would open.

    Also part of kit, new belts, temp sensors, oversized oil filter, 5l of run in oil etc etc
    This list is not exhaustive and will be updated as and when I think of the bits I have forgotten.
    The engine build alone was £1400 in labour
    The hardware cost well over £6000k, Agtronic manifold/DP was £1000,
    The Fuelling/Boost Control and Management cost over £2000k (£900 for the ECU/MAF)

    Well over £10k spent.












  2. PaulJC84

    PaulJC84 Owner

    I am so sad that your never going to get to fit this! To keep it on topic is it going to include a turbo?

    What else would someone require to fit this apart from time, spanners, cone filter and a custom exhaust?
  3. tangerinedream

    tangerinedream Member

    words dont describe :O
  4. rasA4

    rasA4 Four Rings Mafia Specialist Team V6 Audi A4 saloon

    sorry to hear about your circumstances, jcb
  5. oubas2

    oubas2 New Member

    very interested in this, PM sent

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