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B5 a4 tdi upper suspension arm

manghan Nov 12, 2010

  1. manghan

    manghan New Member

    Hi, tommorow I'm going to try and change my o/s upper front arm, just wondering if there was a how to anywhere?
    Or if anyone has any hints or tips please.

  2. sdk778

    sdk778 Member


    Ok, remove wheel. axle stands etc..

    You will see the pinch bolt holding the ball joints of the two upper arms in the strut assembley.
    Undo the nut after plenty or lube and some grrr and knock out the pinch bolt with a drift or similar.
    The upper arms will then be free.
    Undo the nut and bolt securing the arm you wish to replace and remove said arm.

    Re-fit is reverse, ideally using a new pinch bolt on the strut.

    Maybe worth getting the tracking done afterwards.

    Good luck.

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